Velboj V.P., Dykha M. O. Calculation of contact parameters at the rolling-off of cylinder by a torus.


  • В.П. Вельбой
  • М.О. Диха


At the contact of cruel body with the plastic deformed surface the spatial surface of contact, concentrated in the body of less hardness, is formed. A form, sizes and area of spatial surface of contact, depend on the form of contacting bodies and degree of deformation of less solid. Contact of tension expect after a relation the clench of bodies to the area of spatial contact surface. Developed method of calculation of contact surface of bicurvature body of cylinder at electro- contact rolling-off it by the working surface of roller. It allows to set co-ordinates the contour of spatial line and area of surface of contact depending on the sizes of roller and cylinder and depth of deepening of roller in the surface of cylinder. Certainly coefficient of correction of areas of ellipse ground of contact after the contours of surface of contact and area of contact of surface of bicurvature. An example and results of calculation of geometrical parameters of contact surface is resulted at electro- mechanical discrete rolling-off of cylinder by a roller. The area of contact surface calculated on the resulted method is less actual area of surface of bicurvature, and calculation contact tensions are accordingly greater, that it is possible to attribute to the supply of reliability of pair of friction.


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Вельбой, В., & Диха, М. (2014). Velboj V.P., Dykha M. O. Calculation of contact parameters at the rolling-off of cylinder by a torus. Problems of Tribology, 68(2), 104–109. Retrieved from




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