Friction of amorphous - crystalline coatings under boundary lubrication conditions

  • Я.Н. Гладкий
  • Е.В. Харченко
  • В.В. Щепетов


There are the test results in conditions of boundary friction detonation coating Zr-Al-B, in a wide range change of friction conditions. The comparative analysis of the obtained characteristics of friction and wear, in order to evaluate tribotechnical properties of amorphous-crystalline coatings is fulfilled. These results compared with the parallel tested coatings based on tungsten carbide, samples of hardened steel, bronze and bearing of the sliding layer. Evaluation of qualitative and quantitative composition of the surface layers participating under boundary lubrication, was carried out with the help of modern physical methods of analysis. Presented profilograms and photomicrographs of the friction surfaces of amorphous-crystalline coatings showing that under boundary friction coatings samples are smoothed and acquire a mirror shine, which leads to a decrease surface roughness. Established the presence of formation of solid solutions introduction of oxygen in zirconium that corresponds to the formation on the friction surfaces of the secondary structures of the first type, a characteristic feature of which is their surface localization, ultra dispersive statistically structure ability to minimize disruption and can shielded unacceptable adhesion phenomena. Using Auger electron microscope confirmed that the oxygen is completely replaces the sulfur in the surface structures. It has been shown that the developed for the practice investigated detonation coating Zr-Al-B, have high tribological characteristics throughout the range of of tests under boundary friction. Thus, it should be emphasized that as a result of studies the mechanism of tribochemical conversions of hydrocarbons and properties of surface films transformed, found that they retain lubricating properties and provide high anti-friction characteristics of the friction over a wide range of changes in the conditions of boundary friction.


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