Scratch-analysis of subsurface layers formation during friction of thermal treated steel.

  • В.В. Шевеля
  • В.П. Олександренко
  • А.С. Трытек
  • Ю.С. Соколан


Changes of sclerometric characteristics during scratch-testing of triboactivated subsurface layers of thermal treated steel (hardening + tempering) in connection with influence of vertical loading of Rockwell indenter during its continuous indentation with simultaneous tangential movement of sample were studied. Sclerometric characteristics were: force and friction coefficient, speed and depth of indenter introduction, level of acoustic emission, typical values of loaded force. Distinctive features of strengthened zones formed by friction subject to tempering temperature of steel were determined, and also transformation of properties of these zones conditioned by change of sclerometric regime was shown. Received data allows to bring in specifications in delaminational theory of wear of metals.


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Шевеля, В., Олександренко, В., Трытек, А., & Соколан, Ю. (2015). Scratch-analysis of subsurface layers formation during friction of thermal treated steel. Problems of Tribology, 76(2), 6-18. Retrieved from

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