Research of fabrics’ strength using generalized criterion of destruction.

  • О.В. Нахайчук
  • Е.А. Захарова
  • Є.В. Рой


Nakhaychuk O.V., Zakharova E.A., Roi E.V. Research of fabrics’ strength using generalized criterion of de-struction. In the operation fabric takes micro damages, which will eventually grow to a critical number and is its destruction. In this regard, the development of settlement and experimental research methods of tissue products is of practical importance-without allowing time-consuming experimental studies to predict the quality and characteristics of strength even as the design stage, and after a certain time of use. In this work there is a technique to study the strength of the fabric, introduced the notion of generalized criterion of destruction, shown the procedure of its calculation, making it possible to quantitatively determine the value loss of strength in view of friction cycles, loss of hardness, tensile strength action at various stages of operation. These results can be used to create a fabric with predictable properties in advance – especially it’s important for extreme conditions of their use (the action of harmful chemicals, high temperatures, high values of discontinuous loads, etc.).


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