Comparison of wear resistance characteristics of oxide and nitride coatings

  • М.М. Студент
  • В.М. Гвоздецький
  • О.С. Калахан
  • В.М. Посувайло
  • В.М. Шмирко
  • Я.Я. Сірак


Analysis of wear resistance coatings alternative to galvanic chromizing for hydrocylinder protection and determin-ing of the optimal service conditions in which each of them will have maximal efficiency is provided in the present article. Comparative investigations of wear resistance of protective multilayer vacuum-plasma coatings obtained by deposition of by-turn thin layers of chrome and complex nitride (TiCr)N, layers of α-Ti, Titanium nitride – TiN and magnetron coating on the base of TiN, oxideceramic coatings on aluminum electric arc sprayed coating sprayed on the base of magnesium alloy MA-5, titanium alloy PTZV in different environments is provided.


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