• М.В. Горенко


This article discusses and provides examples of the use the define of the resistance vector distribution function f( ) surface geometry at the implementation of the optimization method and increasing the efficiency of the working sur-faces the method of formation of asymmetrical surface structures with a given geometry [1,2], the define of the resistance vector distribution function f( ) the surface geometry of the nano-, micro-, macro- dimensions - is performed according to the method Gorenko [1] with the help of specialized software aeff [3] which is included in the software package М3DG+, software aeff it is intended to test the properties of the resulting surface geometry or primary geometry working surface, shows examples of the definition individual properties of the surface geometry, as well as the classification of types of calcu-lated surface geometry on the nature of the interaction with the work medium. Keywords: friction, resistance, friction reduction, resistance reduction, resistance vector, definition of the vec-tor resistance, resistance vector distribution function, efficiency, effectiveness of energy metabolism, the effectiveness of the work surface, the efficiency of exchange energy the work surfaces, surface - active structure, types of surfaces, surface structuring, a method for increasing the energy efficiency of working surfaces, increase resource machine parts, increase the resource of friction units, method Gorenko, aeff, M3DG+, software, software aeff, software package M3DG+, determination of the amount of wear, wear, comparison of the geometric parameters of the surface, defect identification, to determine the stage of destruction.


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