Direct wear-contact task for radial sliding bearing

  • O.V. Dykha
  • O.P. Babak
  • V.O. Dytynyuk
Keywords: sliding bearing, wear, contact pressure, speed, power series


The paper presents an approximate solution of the wear-contact problem for a cylindrical sliding bearing. The law of wear is adopted in a dimensionless form, depending on the determining factors: contact pressure and sliding speed. The law of wear also includes: the coefficient of friction, the modulus of elasticity of the material of the bearing, the gap in the bearing and the thermal diffusivity of the material of the bearing. For the calculation, an approximate relationship was used for maximum contact pressures in the bearing. To simplify the geometric dependence of normal wear on the contact angle, the decomposition of trigonometric functions into a power series was used.


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Dykha, O., Babak, O., & Dytynyuk, V. (2019). Direct wear-contact task for radial sliding bearing. Problems of Tribology, 24(1/91), 59-66.