Analysis of the influence of nitriding in a glow discharge on the properties of a titanium alloy.


  • N.S. Mashovets Khmelnitskiy National University, Khmelnitskiy, Ukraine



titanic alloy, nitriding in glow discharge, friction and wear.


This work is devoted to the results of the low-temperature temperature hydrogen-nitriding in glow discharge to develop recommendations for further practical application. Surface modification of titanium alloys were carried out by low-temperature nitriding in a glow discharge in hydrogen-free environment. The main advantage of this method lies in the absence of hydrogen embrittlement and complete environmental safety process. Application of the glow discharge can not only speed up the process by the order of the diffusion surface saturation with nitrogen, but also significantly alters the kinetics of the process and quality of the nitrided layer, in particular its physio-mechanical properties and phase composition.


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Mashovets, N. (2019). Analysis of the influence of nitriding in a glow discharge on the properties of a titanium alloy. Problems of Tribology, 24(3/93), 39–44.




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