Research of the contact and deformation properties of lubricated surfaces


  • O.V. Dykha Khmelnytskyi National University, Ukraine
  • S.F. Posonsky Khmelnitsky National University, Ukraine



lubricated surface, indenter penetration, deformation, internal stresses, friction force, wear resistance.


The article considers the issues of contact interaction of steel surfaces under various contact conditions. To assess the depth of ball penetration, an experiment was conducted based on the indentation procedure on the Brinell press. The hypothesis of the formation of internal stresses under conditions of non-lubricated and contact in the presence of a lubricant is formulated. The effect of lubricant on the occurrence of resistance forces to the movement of the indenter in a special laboratory setup is investigated.


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Dykha, O., & Posonsky, S. (2019). Research of the contact and deformation properties of lubricated surfaces. Problems of Tribology, 24(3/93), 62–67.




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