Simulation of a thin long rod that does not have critical forces and does not lose stability to Euler

  • A. Goroshko Khmelnitskyi National University
  • V. Royzman Khmelnitskyi National University
  • S. Petraschuk Khmelnitskyi National University
Keywords: stable rods, critical force, bending modes, simulation, flexible rod


The paper proposes a method of preventing the loss of Euler stability by thin rods. Such rods do not have critical forces and therefore do not lose stability from longitudinal compressive force. The method is based on a temporary change in the stiffness of the rod-support system, in particular, a change in the length of the rod between the supports when approaching the value of critical forces, and after passing the return to the previous value. The results of simulation modeling of the rod behavior are presented, which confirm the possibility to eliminate the loss of its stability with increasing compressive force to the maximum allowable value, which is determined from the condition of strength


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Goroshko, A., Royzman, V., & Petraschuk, S. (2020). Simulation of a thin long rod that does not have critical forces and does not lose stability to Euler. Problems of Tribology, 25(3/97), 25-31.