Investigation of slippage and wear in rolling bearings of machines

  • A Dykha Khmelnitskyi National University
  • V Dytyniuk Khmelnitskyi National University
  • M Dykha Khmelnitskyi National University
Keywords: rolling bearings, slip, experimental installation, lubrication conditions, wear model, wear contact problem


The purpose of this work was to study the processes of slipping and wear in the sliding bearings of machines. It is determined that slippage in bearings is the main cause of bearing parts failure according to the criterion of wear. Analytical relations for determining the amount of slip and sliding path in the bearing are presented. For experimental research of sliding in rolling bearings the test installation is designed. Experimental tests on the effect on load slip, sliding speed and lubrication conditions in the bearing were performed. The model of wear of rings of the sliding bearing on the basis of a solution of a wear contact problem is offered. The formulas for calculating wear and parameters of the wear model are obtained. The obtained results are recommended to evaluate the influence of design and technological factors on the durability of rolling bearings by the criterion of wear.


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Dykha, A., Dytyniuk, V., & Dykha, M. (2020). Investigation of slippage and wear in rolling bearings of machines. Problems of Tribology, 25(4/98), 50-58.