Aims and Scope

  1. "Problems of Tribology (Problems of Tribology)" - an international scientific journal.

Along with the main task of collecting information from tribology, the journal also performs organizational and coordinating functions:

- coordination of scientific and technical work in the field of tribology;

- organization of conferences, sympsiums;

- organization of work on the creation of databases and expert systems in the field of tribology;

- the organization of communications and information exchange between specialists in the field of tribology internationally.

  1. The journal contains articles directly or indirectly related to tribology, including:

- theoretical problems (physics, chemistry, mechanics, mathematics)

- experimental methods and research results;

- contact mechanics, friction, wear, lubrication, durability and reliability of friction units of machines and units;

- scientific, technical and production problems of manufacturing, repair, improving the quality, reliability and durability of friction;

- technological and structural methods of improving wear resistance, frictional and anti-friction properties of friction units;

- problems of tribo materials science;

- methodological and methodological issues of training specialists in tribology.

  1. The main requirements of the article is the novelty and completeness of information.

Articles of theoretical content should include theoretical explanation (possibly in the form of an annex to the article) to assess the scientific novelty of the publication.

Experimental articles should contain complete information about the methodology, conditions and results of the experiment.

Technological profile articles should contain a description of the technology as much as possible. If it is impossible to disclose "know-how", the method of obtaining the necessary detailed information must be indicated.

  1. All articles are reviewed by a closed double review for compliance with the topics and level requirements. At the same time, the authors are fully responsible for the content of the articles.
  2. Due to the international nature of the journal and its publication in Ukraine, it is possible to submit articles in Ukrainian, Russian, English and other languages.