The scratch method in research of quality of compositional electrochemical coating on the basis of nickel

  • Н.М. Яворська
  • С.Я. Підгайчук
  • О.С. Дробот


Decision of problems improving the quality of machine parts and mechanisms inseparably linked with creation of electrochemical coating. Significantly improve of operating characteristics of electrochemical coating are possible through introduction to base of coating nanopowders (creation of compositional electrochemical coating (CEC)). The operational reliability of protective layer is based to adhesion durability with base material. Improvement of characteristics coating requiring of working out composition and obtaining technologys CEC with used heat treatment. In the article presents the results of experimental researches effect of chemical composition and heat treatment CEC on the basis of nickel with the addition of nitrides boron and the compound of nitrides titanium and silicium using of scratch method. For definition of endurance of surface sturdiness conducted motion of diamond pyramid (the angle at vertex 136°) edge forward. The positive effect of inclusions nitrides on adhesion durability of CEC with the base at the expense of compres-sion of coatings through the introduction of nanopowders is revealed. It was experimentally proven that the coatings without heat treatment have considerably smaller endurance capabil-ity of bond than annealed ones. The dispersible particles of nanopowders influence on the grade of coatings, so introduction to the nickeliferous stencil of nitrides inclusions improves the adhesion durability in 1,5 - 1,8 times for CEC with the addition of nitrides boron and addition compound of nitrides titanium and silicum, respectively. The considerable increase of adhesion at application of the diffusive annealing and increase of duration of anneal-ing it is caused the change of structure of transitional layer as a result of interdiffusion of components “coating-base”.


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