About friction on air wheels with pure slip

  • Б.М. Шифрин


Based on synthesis of ideas of the basic analytical model (BAM) of steady slip of a deformable air wheels and the theory of multicomponent dry friction (TMDF) of solids, the article proposes a modification of BAM, which can be regarded as an extension of TMDF on the case of deformable air wheels. The article rejects BAM assumptions about the shape of con-tact patch and the normal distributed force and replaces them with the assumptions of a TMDF model — it is assumed that the contact patch is a circle, and the normal stress corresponds to Hertz law. In addition, the article proposes an amendment to BAM concerning the location of contact patch. This allowed to explain the effect of rolling friction and improve coordination of theoretical and experimental data. Two-dimensional boundaries of zones of adhesion and friction are built for different an-gles of slip. The article compares dependence charts (i) of the area of adhesion zone, (ii) lateral friction and restoring moment (iii) on slip angle, obtained on the basis of the BAM and the modified model — the observed differences were found insig-nificant.


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