Research of the influence of friction on the stress state by indentation of rounded indenter

  • О.В. Нахайчук
  • А.А. Мізрах
  • Н.О. Пухтіцька
  • В.І. Музичук


Research mechanics of contact interaction punch-harvesting has the important meaning for design of various tech-nological processes, their development requires a detailed study of the problems of friction, destruction of contacting ele-ments, wear surfaces, changes in hardness and mechanical properties of materials. For rigid-plastic material, which strengthens in the process of the deformation, solving problems associated with difficulties, due to the lack of information about shapes and sizes of rigid-plastic border. In this regard, this work is devoted to questions about further development of settlement and experimental methods determining the stress state by indentation of the indenters of rounded shapes in plastic material, using engineering methods, slip lines method and hardness method with friction considering. In developing the mathematical model it was assumed that on the plastic area stages stresses fluidity is the same. During the solution of a problem of rounded indenter’s indentation considered the general case of axially symmet-ric field of plastic deformation. Received angles dependence of adjacent surface from friction coefficients’ meaning, which can be used to determine the effort of indentation and resolution of similar problems with friction considering. The results of stress state’s calculating can be used for assessment of used resources of plasticity on the stages of indentation stamps, and assessment of technological inheritance (distribution of residual stresses, strengthening, residual plas-ticity), information about them is necessary for rational construction of technological processes.


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