Generalized cumulation model of kinetics of wear a sliding bearing. P.2. Generalized cumulative model


  • М.В. Чернець
  • В.Б. Жидик


The generalized cumulation model of kinetics of wear the sliding bearing elements in case of single-double-single-area contacts realization, which comes forward in different phases of shaft rotation with small ovality of contour in a bush with circle contour, are presented. In the result of the task’s numerical solution the regularities of the change of an initial maximum contact pressure when shaft rotation and its change due to wear, durability of the bearing and linear wear of bush and shaft depending on the size of ovality are established in the work. Contact pressures are substantially greater in the zones of double-area contact, than in the zones of single-area. The shaft ovality increases the bearing longevity and reduces the hob wear. The results are presented graphically.


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