Modern studies of tribological bearing systems: a review


  • O. Dykha Khmelnitsky National University, Ukraine
  • V. Dytynyuk Khmelnitskiy National University, Khmelnitskiy, Ukraine
  • S. Posonsky Khmelnitskiy National University, Khmelnitskiy, Ukraine
  • L. Zelenska Khmelnytskyi Polytechnic College by Lviv Polytechnic National,Ukraine



sliding journal bearing, wear, friction, contact pressure, tests, materials


Sliding bearings are one of the important friction points of modern machines, ensuring their long-term operation. Sliding supports determine the accuracy of the executive movements of the working parts of the machines. Creating and researching reliable and accurate sliding bearings is an important engineering issue. This review presents the results of studies of bearings, published in recent years in specialized scientific journals. The issues of creating efficient structural bearing assemblies, including through the use of new hybrid materials and structures, are considered. Much attention is paid to the problem of bearing wear and reducing the coefficient of friction. Separately considered issues of computer modeling of working conditions and design of structures. Considered modern approaches to the calculated evaluation of bearings, the solution of contact problems. This review allows scientists and engineers to do the right task setting when planning further research on bearing tribo systems


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