Increase of formation efficiency of gears contact spot at electrochemical-mechanical running-in

  • V. Aulin
  • T. Zamota
  • A. Hrynkiv
  • S. Lysenko
  • O. Bondarets
  • V. Yatsun
Keywords: running-in, electrochemical - mechanical running-in (ECMR), gears, friction mode, contact spot


The analysis of literature sources showed that gears are the most common types of mechanical gears. They are widely used in all branches of mechanical engineering, in particular in metal-cutting machines, cars, tractors, agricultural machines, etc. Among the many advantages of this type of gear, there are disadvantages, among which it is worth noting increased demands on precision manufacturing and Assembly, which results in a greater complexity of the collaborative process of finishing gears in view of their complicated shape and heavy-duty loads for contour and complex mode of interaction.

This makes it particularly difficult to increase the durability when running gears. They require increased surface hardness, which is associated with small contact areas (in most cases-in line) and large specific loads. Even small distortions in this case lead to a significant complication of the process of their burn-in.

The results of experimental studies have shown that for elimination of inaccuracies of form of details and errors of assembling mechanism expose to running-in which running- in of the surfaces take place. The most effective factor of acceleration of running-in is to use the combined processes at running- in surfaces. One of them is the electrochemical - mechanical running-in (ECMR)


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Aulin, V., Zamota, T., Hrynkiv, A., Lysenko, S., Bondarets, O., & Yatsun, V. (2019). Increase of formation efficiency of gears contact spot at electrochemical-mechanical running-in. Problems of Tribology, 24(4/94), 33-39.