Properties of coatings obtained by electric arc spraing for renovation of parts of machines and vehicle mechanisms


  • A. Lopata National Technical University of Ukraine "Igor Sikorsky, Polytechnic Institute", Ukraine
  • M. Holovashchuk National Transport University, Ukraine
  • L. Lopata G. S. Pisarenko. Institute for Problems of Strength of the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine
  • E. Solovuch Central Ukrainian National Technical University , Ukraine
  • S. Katerinich Central Ukrainian National Technical University , Ukraine



electric arc spraying, coating, flame spraying, porosity, adhesion strength, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, thickness coating, gas permeability


The robots present the results of investigating the power of coatings, excluding electric arc (EAS) filings, and their comparison with the powers of coatings, excluding gas-flame filings. The porosity of the coating, taken from electric arc filings, was in the range of 8-10%. the adhesion strength was 80…100 MPa. The results of the investigations show the advantages and purpose of using electric arc sawing to improve and move the capacity of machine parts and transport mechanisms. In the work, the following factors are added to the process of electric arc sawing: storage of fuel sum, distance of sawing, dispersion of sawing and other. on authority cover. In the course of the investigation, the increase in resistance, adhesive strength, coating thickness, the term for the coating thickness, was determined by the parameters of the electric arc filing. The robots have considered the possibility of securing the necessary authorities influencing the surface with the method of advancing the resource of machine parts by way of regulation by the factors of EAS. Regulating the smoothness and temperature of the stream of transporting gas and particles, you can change the diameter of the droplet, increase the width and reduce the oxidation of the coating. The results of comparative analysis of the properties of coatings applied by electric arc spraying (EAS) using the products of combustion of propane-air mixture and gas-flame spraying (FSP) using gas-air mixture are presented. Under optimal conditions of the spraying process, the porosity of the coatings obtained by electric arc spraying is much lower compared to gas-flame spraying: 8-10% and 20-30%, respectively. Adhesion strength of coatings obtained by electric arc spraying increased by 1.8-2.2 times (from 30-40 MPa in gas-flame spraying to 100 MPa in electric arc), wear resistance increased by 2-2yu5 times.


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Lopata, A., Holovashchuk, M., Lopata, L., Solovuch, E., & Katerinich, S. (2022). Properties of coatings obtained by electric arc spraing for renovation of parts of machines and vehicle mechanisms . Problems of Tribology, 27(2/104), 80–86.




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